Welcome to Porty Community Energy's E-Cargo Bike Library. 

We currently have one Urban Arrow Community Bike, an orange Nihola Cargo Trike and an XYZ cargo trike available for one day loans. We also have four eBikes, a folding bike, a trailer and panniers available for one day or longer loans. 

Please get in touch if you have any questions portycommunityenergy@gmail.com


Frequently asked questions:

How long can I borrow the bike for?

We usually offer one day loans of our cargo bikes and trikes, if you'd like a longer loan just email us and we can have a chat. We offer loans of up to one month for our eBikes and folding bike, trailer and panniers if you have somewhere safe to store them. If you need it for longer get in touch and we can have a chat. 


How much does it cost? 

We have a suggested donation of £10 for a one day hire (or £25 per week or £80 per month for the eBikes.) However, if this is a barrier for you, you are welcome to borrow the bike for free no questions asked. If you can afford pay more or would like to donate for someone else to enjoy the bike, then we welcome your support, thank you. 


Can I use it for work, e.g. deliveroo?

No. I'm sorry, this isn't covered in our insurance. But if you are a small local business or craftsperson and you want to use one of the cycles, e.g. you want to take things to the market or do local deliveries then please chat to us, we'd love to help. 


Can I give my kids a ride?

Absolutely! The Urban Arrow will carry up to 3 children. The Nihola and XYZ take two children. Young babies will need a car seat and adaptor which we can provide. We also have rain covers for all. We don't offer loans of our eBikes to anyone under the age of 18. 


How about my dog?

Sure. Dogs are welcome in and Cargo bike or trike. 


What about charging the battery?

We'll do that for you. 


Where and when do I collect it?

Please specify the time you would like for collection AND drop off when you book.Then wait for us to find an available volunteer and we will get back to you to confirm. 


Is it hard to use?

The first time you borrow the bikes you will be given a 30 min induction (minimum) and only send you off with it when you feel confident. You'll have a big smile on your face, we promise! If you're not sure whether you would prefer the bike or trike or you are nervous about anything contact portycommunityenergy@gmail.com and we can give you a ring to have a chat about it. 


We're funded by Paths For All, CoMoUK and Energy Saving Trust.